ABRA UPDATE – May 19, 2021

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With summer quickly approaching, we wanted to give you all an update on a few things!

Beginning Friday, May 21, 2021:

  • All outstanding accounts are suspended for park access, program registration, and special event access until they are paid in full.
  • Boat House opens!
    • ABRA STRONGLY recommends that you bring your own life jackets. While we will have life jackets available at the boat house, which will be sanitized between each use, we cannot guarantee that they will be 100% sterile as COVID-19 can survive up to 72 hours on clothing, and even longer on porous surfaces. You may use them at your OWN risk.
    • We also cannot guarantee the availability of life jackets (due to sanitization), but please remember that life jackets are MANDATORY on all ABRA watercraft.
    • Please remember that watercraft can be signed out by residents aged 16+ ONLY, and you must have your membership card with you.
    • Unfortunately, due to current Alberta Health restrictions, guests will not be permitted on ABRA watercraft at this time. We will be sure to update the community if/when that changes.
    • Please be patient with our boat house staff as signing out a watercraft will take longer than usual due to sanitization procedures.
    • If you want to sign out a watercraft, you will need to have your phone in order to do so.
  • ABRA hours of operation will increase to 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • Beach & Picnic Shelter reservations open!
    • Reservations can be made online at www.AuburnBayRA.ca. Same day reservations are not permitted, however, we will allow a certain number of drop-ins each day. Reservations can be made up to one week in advance.
    • Membership cards are MANDATORY for all residents aged 12 and up. No card, no access.
    • Residents are permitted to make 1 reservation per day, per household. *Tennis court reservations can be made in tandem with a picnic shelter, OR beach reservation.*
    • We will now have 4 time slots to book: 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm. Beach reservations will be 2.75 hours, while picnic shelter reservations will be 2.5 hours in length.
    • ABRA residents are currently allowed 2 non-resident guests per household. *Guests are not permitted when using the tennis courts, as per Alberta Health restrictions.*
    • For picnic shelter reservations, please be advised that there is normally a charge of $20/hr. While ABRA is unable to accommodate any Park Guest Lists we won’t be charging for them. However, if at anytime during the summer we are able to significantly increase our park capacity and permit Park Guest Lists, the normal charge of $20/hr to reserve them will go back into effect.
    • Please remember that masks are MANDATORY for washroom use. We also highly recommend that you wear a mask if you’re unable to socially distance from individuals outside of your household.

Please come to the beach PREPARED as there are no change rooms available at this time.

Beginning no later than June 1, we will revert to 1-way traffic in the park again. You will enter through the main gate and must exit at the Gatehouse.

While we understand that some of these rules may be frustrating for some, please show kindness and compassion to our staff. We are all doing our best during these unprecedented times and we will get through this together, as a community.

Thank you all for your continued support and understanding.