Auburn House Birthday Party Packages

Host Your Child's Next Birthday Party at Auburn House!

Happy Birthday! Need extra space for your kids to burn off their birthday energy? Look no further than Auburn House! Our 5,345 square foot gymnasium allows for plenty of running around and we offer competitive pricing that will make parents smile too! These affordable Birthday Party Packages make Auburn House a great birthday party venue for Auburn Bay residents (Non-resident? Check out our room rentals).


Birthday Party Packages are only available Saturdays & Sundays between 1 and 3 p.m. 

Each Birthday Party Package includes a 2 hour booking in the gymnasium along with your choice of equipment (dependent on which package is booked). 

Each package also includes balloons, a Happy Birthday banner and an ABRA Facility Host. We provide access to the mezzanine (accessible from the stage in the gym) with tables and chairs.

Any additional decorations and dishes, cutlery, etc., are the responsibility of the renter. 

The maximum capacity is 30 as that is the fire code capacity for the mezzanine.

You can have more than 30 people in downstairs in the gym, however no more than 30 people on the mezzanine at a time.

The Facility Host is provided to answer any questions and ensure that all patrons are following the rules. They are also responsible for cleaning up all ABRA equipment after the party ends.

Facility Hosts are not provided to organize games and activities for the bookings. They are also not responsible for cleaning up after the renters (i.e., garbage, etc.)

No. Birthday Party Packages are only available for Auburn Bay Residents. 

You are responsible for setting up any decorations and equipment beyond what is provided by the ABRA. You can arrive 15 minutes early to begin your set up and complete the walk through.

For clean up, the room should be left as you found it. Garbage and recycling must be taken out when you leave (there is a garbage bin in the parking lot by the 15 minute stalls).

Yes. Food and drinks are permitted in the mezzanine only. There is a refrigerator located on the mezzanine to store food and drinks in. Only water is permitted downstairs in the gymnasium.

Yes. You can bring your own equipment as long as it doesn’t go against any rules/regulations. 

No. The insurance you provide at the time of booking only covers the room that you have booked and does not extend into the park. Failure to abide by this rule can result in the forfeit of your damage/non-compliance deposit.


No. You cannot rent the Banquet Room and a Birthday Party Package together as your guests cannot be left unattended in either room. You can book one after another if you’d like but they cannot overlap.


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