Auburn Bay Residents Association


All About the RA

  1. Do all Auburn Bay residents currently pay a Residents Association Fee?
    • Yes, all property owners in Auburn Bay have their title encumbrance with the Auburn Bay Residents Association Encumbrance.
  2. Who collects the Residents Association fee?
    • The Residents Association fees are collected by the Auburn Bay Residents Association.
  3. How often are the Residents Association fees collected?
    • Members of the Auburn Bay Residents Association (ABRA) are invoiced annually in March. Residents Association fees are due annually on April 1st.
  4. Where is the money collected from the Residents Association spent?
    • The funds are spent to administer and operate the amenities of the Auburn Bay Residents Association, including the Auburn House, park, utilities, property taxes, insurance, salaries, program administration, Christmas lighting, landscaping, maintaining open space in the community, etc. Audited financial statements are sent to every member prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  5. What are the benefits to the residents of Auburn Bay for paying the Residents Association fees?
    • Residents benefit, by having in their community, certain amenities and assets which, because of their unique nature, could not otherwise be provided, as the City of Calgary would not normally accept responsibility for their maintenance. Other benefits include enhanced maintenance of City of Calgary medians and boulevards. Other communities who do not have a Residents Association set up by the developer have petitioned the City of Calgary to collect additional taxes through local improvement bylaws to fund enhanced maintenance of open space owned by the City of Calgary. There is also a full time Program & Events Manager at Auburn House who is responsible to set up programs and special events, which meet the needs of the ABRA members.
  6. How is the Residents Association governed?
    • The ABRA is governed via bylaws and a Board of Directors comprised of residents of Auburn Bay.
  7. Who elects the representatives for the Residents Association and when does that occur?
    • The Members of the association elect their Board of Directors annually at the Annual General Meeting.
  8. Are the residents of Auburn Bay able to guide the Residents Association in matters important to residents?
    • The roles of the Residents Association are limited to matters affecting the operation of the association. Members can elect or defeat any Member in standing for a Residents Association Directorship, and in that way guide the direction of the Association.


Fun Community Facts

  1. What is the size of Auburn Bay community?
    • Auburn Bay is 900 acres and will eventually be home to 22,000 residents.
  2. What is the size of the lake?
    • The lake is 43 acres.
  3. What is the size of the park?
    • The park is 13 acres.


Membership Cards

  1. Why do I need a membership card?
    1. All residents over the age of 12 will be required to have a card for entry into the park and facility. Membership cards will also allow you to register for programs offered by the Auburn Bay Residents Association.
  2. Do I need to bring my ABRA membership card each time I come to Auburn House?
    • Yes! To gain access to the facility and park, every member (age 12+) is required to swipe their membership card each time.
  3. How do I get my membership card?
    • Come to the administration office during park hours (Monday-Sunday, 9am-10pm) and have your picture taken and card issued. You MUST be a Member In Good Standing with the Auburn Bay Residents Association.  If you are the registered owner of the property, you will need to have:
      • A copy of your Certificate of Title
      • A piece of Government issued photo ID
    • Auburn House will need to see a copy of the Certificate of Title before issuing permanent cards.  If you have not yet received your Certificate of Title, temporary cards will be issued.
  4. What is a Certificate of Title?
    • The Certificate of Title is a document that is issued to you by your lawyer when you purchase your home. It is a document that states who the registered owner of the property is. These are public documents available for a small fee from a registry office or at Auburn House.
  5. What if I lose my Membership Card?
    • Membership cards are eligible to be renewed every three (3) years free of charge, at the member’s request. If a membership card is lost, residents will be charged a $10.00 fee for replacement. Children under 12 will not be issued cards and they are only allowed to use the facilities when accompanied by an adult.


All About Auburn House, the Lake and the Park

  1. What are the Auburn House and Park hours of operation?
    • Monday – Sunday 9am-10pm
    • Hours are subject to change during extreme weather conditions
  2. What are the Administration hours of operation?
    • Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
    • Please note, the administration office is closed on all Statutory Holidays
  3. Can I bring guest(s) into the park?
    • Yes! Adult members are permitted up to five (5) non-resident guests per household. Members’ children, 12-15 years of age entering the park without an adult are permitted two (2) guests per household with the parental permission.
    • If you are having a gathering of more people, a Guest List Form must be completed and returned to the Auburn House staff prior to your event for approval (max. 25 guests). There is a maximum of two (2) Guest Lists per day during the summer. ABRA has the right to decline any large group. Please refer to the Auburn House Rules for our full Guest Policy.
    • Members MUST remain with their guest(s) while in the park/facility at all times.
  4. Are dogs permitted in Auburn House or Park?
    • No! Dogs or domestic animals of any type are not permitted in Auburn House or Park with the exception of service/guide dogs.
  5. Is alcohol and/or smoking permitted in Auburn House or the Park?
    • No! Alcohol, smoking and vaping are not permitted in the Park.
    • Smoking and/or vaping are not permitted in Auburn House.
    • Alcohol is only permitted in Auburn House during rentals when a liquor licence has been purchased and is posted in the kitchen.
  6. Can I fish in the Lake?
    • Yes! Fishing is permitted from the fishing dock and boats only. While fishing your membership card must be left with the Auburn House staff. Use of live bait or food of any type while fishing is prohibited.
  7. Can I take home fish that I catch?
    • You can take home up to two (2) fish per day (per member) and twelve (12) fish per month (per household). The lake is stocked bi-annually with Rainbow Trout.
  8. Are their boats I can use?
    • Residents sixteen (16) and up can sign out a boat or a stand up paddleboard with their membership card. Boats have a two (2) hour time limit. Stand up paddleboard have a forty-five (45) minute time limit. One membership card is required for each boat/SUP. Life jackets MUST be worn at all times while in a boat and/or paddleboard.
  9. Can I rent a picnic shelter?
    • Yes! All of our picnic shelters are available to be rented. There is a minimum rental time of two (2) hours and a maximum rental time of three (3) hours.
  10. It seems like the lake is getting busier. What is ABRA management doing to prevent overcrowding?
    • When Auburn Bay was designed as a community, the lake was always planning to accommodate the full capacity of residents at build out, which is 6,600 homes.  In 2016, the ABRA Board of Directors evaluated the Guest Policies and made changes to reduce the number of guest(s) in the Park, in an effort to improve the overall experience for all residents.
  11. With more residents in the community, the lines are getting longer. What is ABRA management doing to improve the flow of traffic?
    • ABRA developed a secondary entrance to the Park in May 2016. The Gatehouse will open on the weekends in May and June starting on May Long weekend, then full time in July and August.


Programs & Special Events

  1. Does Auburn House offer any programs?
    • Yes! There are a number of drop-in and registered programs for children, adults and families. See the current Auburn House Program Guide for more information. Auburn House also offers a number of special events each year, including:
      • 3 on 3 Hockey Tournament
      • Easter Eggstravaganza
      • Beach Party
      • Movie in the Park
      • Halloween Haunted House
      • Family Christmas Party
  2. What if I need to withdrawal from a program that I registered in?
    • Our program withdrawal and cancellation guidelines are outlined on our Programs page.
  3. How often are new programs offered?
    • New programs are offered on a seasonal basis, with registration available up to one month prior to classes starting.
    • Summer classes generally start in June.
    • Fall classes begin in September.
    • Winter classes begin in January.
    • Spring classes begin in April.
  4. Why are there different registration times?
    • We allow residents an opportunity to register early to secure a spot in their favorite program!