Meet Your Instructors

Aquabatics (SUP/Kayak Lessons)

Aquabatics' Logo


Classes: SUP Lessons, Kayak Lessons

Aquabatics instructors have Paddle Canada certification and bring a fun style as well as a deep knowledge of board sports to their courses. Many of these instructors have been surfing since they could walk! For more information, check out their website.

Bogi (Zumbini Classes)

Bogi, Zumbini Instructor

Classes: Zumbini

Bogi always had a great passion for dance and fitness and acquired a variety of specialties, including Zumba, Zumba Kids, and Zumbini. 

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Little Medical School

Little Medical School, Calgary logo

Classes: Little Medical School programs

Little Medical School classes allow children to explore the field of medicine with hands-on, interactive instruction, role play, crafts, and games.

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Brent (Sportball)

Brent, head coach, Sportball

Classes: Multi-Sport, T-Ball

Brent has been instructing with Sportball since 2009. His love for sports and working with children make coaching Sportball programs the perfect fit.

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Engineering for Kids

Engineering for Kids logo

Classes: Engineering for Kids classes and camps.

More information on Engineering for Kids coming soon! In the meantime, view Engineering for Kids – Calgary’s website.

Jordan Reiter (Karate)

Jordan Reiter Head Shot


Classes: Karate

Sensei Jordan has been studying Martial Arts since 2004, and earned her 1st degree Black Belt in 2012. Read more.

Evan (Hockey/Skating)

Evan, Ball Hockey, Hockey, and Ice Skating instructor

Classes: Ball Hockey, Learn to Skate, Hockey Skills

Evan has been coaching for 3 years. His love of working with kids and being able to share his knowledge, while also learning new things from the children made him want to be a coach.

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Glenmore Sailing Club

Glenmore Sailing Club's Logo: the words 'Glenmore Sailing Club' surrounding a red and white flag with an image of a bucking horse.


Classes: Sailing Camps

The Glenmore Sailing Club is a family-friendly and fun place for affordable sailing programs. Education, Recreation, Social Events and Racing ... there really is something for people of all ages and abilities. For more information, view their website.

Rita (Adult Fitness)

Rita, adult fitness instructor

Classes: Cardio Kickboxing, HIIT Tabata Core, BOSU Belly Challenge, Fusion, and more!

Rita has been an AFLCA Certified Fitness Instructor for various Land Fitness Classes for over 18 years.

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Lori (Adult Fitness)

Lori, adult fitness instructor

Classes: Boot Camp Blast, Curve Appeal, Step Fit, Total Body Workout, Cardio Sculpt, and more!

Lori began as a fitness instructor when she moved from Nova Scotia to Calgary in 1998. Lori has a degree in Physical Education…

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Natasha (Floral Workshops)

Natasha, owner of Flower Aura by Natasha in Cranston, Calgary, Alberta

Classes: Floral workshops.

Natasha is the owner of Flower Aura by Natasha, a local florist. More information is coming soon, in the meantime, check out her website.

Tennis 4 Life

Tennis 4 Life's logo: blue text with the '4' over a tennis ball






Classes: Tennis Classes

Alicia has developed her love for the sport of tennis by playing since she was 8 years old with her Dad and through coaching over the years.

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Teresa (Yoga Flow)

Teresa, Yoga Flow instructor

Classes: Yoga Flow, Yoga on the Beach

Teresa has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2009.

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Wild Spirit SUP Yoga & Fitness

Wild Spirit SUP Yoga's Logo: a teal bear doing a yoga pose on a stand up paddle board

Classes: SUP Yoga

Wild Spirit SUP Yoga encourages men and women to get out and enjoy nature and the beauty of Lake Life. Read more.

Will (Prince Basketball)

Will Prince, head coach of Prince Basketball

Classes: Prince Basketball

More information on Coach Will coming soon!