Get to Know Your Instructor: Jordan

Jordan Reiter Head Shot

Sensei Jordan has been studying Martial Arts since 2004, and earned her 1st degree Black Belt in 2012. Growing up, Jordan competed in a number of national and international competitions and has also studied a variety of showcase weapons, including Bo Staff, Double Nunchaku, and Katana. After moving from Edmonton to Calgary in 2015, Sensei Jordan began teaching Martial Arts to a variety of age groups, focusing on empty hand and weapons katas (routines). 

In 2019, Sensei Jordan collaborated with Sensei Roy to form Lucid Martial Arts: a school that honors traditional practices while blending performing and Martial Arts.


Jordan is an active member of the Alberta Fitness Leadership Association, currently holding certifications in Group Fitness & Portable Equipment and Ever Active Kids Fitness.

Alongside Martial Arts techniques, Jordan enjoys incorporating elements of mind/body awareness within classes and intends for each student to learn basic anatomy and a general understanding of the relationship between one’s physical and mental well-being.