Get to Know Your Instructor: Rita

Rita Aiello - Fitness InstructorRita has been an AFLCA certified Fitness Instructor for various Land fitness classes (including: HIIT, Muscle and Cardio based fitness, Fusion, Barre, STEP) for over 18 years.

I started teaching group fitness classes as a volunteer for charitable organizations in 2000. I wanted to connect with people who also loved fitness, particularly working out as a group. I was drawn to the team dynamics that group fitness brings; encouragement and motivation! Not only from the instructor but everyone in the room. I love meeting new participants and keeping connections with returning ones. I have met numerous people through fitness instruction and most are my closest friends today. 

Physical fitness is super important to me because it helps me relieve mental stress and keeps me in shape for my active family.  Teaching classes keeps me committed to working out as I am motivated that each participant has taken the time to show up, even when life is busy. I often teach later in the evening so that I can get the kids somewhat settled before I take the time for ME. Since putting my Engineering career on hold to be home with my children I realize how important it is to take the time to invest in yourself so that you can be your best for the family.