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Picnic Shelter Rentals

Picnic Shelters must be booked in person at Auburn  House.

The cost to rent a shelter is $25 per hour.

You must provide a copy of your homeowners/tenants insurance at the time of booking.

Picnic Shelters can be rented for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 3 hours.

Each Picnic Shelter rental comes with a 25 person non-resident guest list.

All Auburn Bay residents in attendance of your event will need to have their ABRA membership card in order to access the park.

Yes, however it must be a small portable BBQ that uses a small propane bottle (like a camping stove). It must be able to sit on the table (cannot be on the grass, sand, etc.).

Alternatively, you can use the BBQ’s that are already in the shelter. You just need to bring your own charcoal briquettes and starter fluid. Our maintenance crew will take care of the hot coals when you are finished.

*Please do NOT use wood in the BBQs.

Yes you can decorate the shelter however please be aware of the following:

  • Latex balloons are NOT permitted in the park at any time due to environmental concerns. Foil balloons are permitted.
  • Any type of confetti is not permitted in the park at any times. 
  • You cannot use anything that will damage the shelters (i.e., nails, tacks, etc.)

Failure to abide by the above rules will result in additional charges to your rental.

No. Only Auburn Bay residents are permitted to sign out any ABRA watercraft (boats, SUP’s, etc.). Residents are permitted to take their guests out on a boat, however they must remain with them at all times.

Please be aware that lifejackets are mandatory when using any ABRA watercraft.

You are not able to use the gymnasium during your rental. This is because the insurance that you provide to us at the time of booking will only cover you and your guests for the area that you have rented. 

Yes, you can stay in the park however you will likely have to vacate the shelter (depending if someone has booked it afterwards). Please remember, however, that when you decide to leave all of your guests must leave with you as well.

ABRA Park Map

For more information email [email protected] or call 403-537-2601