Program Reviews

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Junior Tennis

  • “This is my daughter’s 2nd time in this program. She has fun and is improving more than she thought she would.” – Jassy C.
  • “Coach is great at capturing the kids attention, my daughter loves the tennis program with Alicia.” – Anonymous
  • “Great program” – Anonymous
  • “Amazing experience for my son!” – Anonymous

Karate with Lucid Martial Arts

  • “My son had a great time at this class! It was a highlight of the week for him. His favourite game was the one dodging the pool noodles!” – Anonymous
  • “Sensi Jordan is wonderful! Great class!” – Anonymous
  • “Program was great! Instructors were very engaging and so patient with all the kids.” – Anonymous

Little Medical School

  • “Wonderful course!  8 Year Old had a lot of fun!” – Anonymous




Lori’s Fitness Classes

  • “Love, love, love this class. Lori is amazing.” – Khuol T.
  • “Love Lori as an instructor, she always brings unique exercises to the class.” – B.D.
  • “20/20/20 was a great program! The Instructor was great. Every class was different and we used a variety of workout equipment each week.  It was great having class in the gym; it was big and open and there was lots of room for everyone. I would recommend this class if you want to sweat!” – C.D.

Prince Basketball

  • “It was wonderful. The coach works so well with the kids and I’d amazing at keeping their attention. Both my boys absolutely loved it and looked forward to it every week.” – N.H.
  • “Absolutely loved it!  My son looked forward to Monday night basketball with his best bud, and together they made many new friends.  The atmosphere was always very welcoming and just the right amount of competitiveness in my opinion.  I really enjoyed that the parents got the option to stay and watch.  Thank you for offering this at Auburn house!” – Trinity M.
  • “The coach was excellent. Great drills, held kids attention, parent game was entertaining for kids and parents. We would love it if it was twice a week.” – Erica K.
  • “Will is an excellent coach, captures the kid’s attention. My kids had a huge improvement in a short time!” – Anonymous
  • “Great instruction with the perfect amount of fun and structure. We will definitely recommend this program to others.” – Anonymous
  • “My 5 year old son enjoyed learning how to play basketball. His dribbling skills significantly improved. He is looking forward to join again next season.” – Alma I.
  • “Excellent program with an amazing coach. The program was tailored to each level’s skills and our girls really enjoyed the drills and games. Highly recommend.” – D.P.
  • “My son enjoyed the program a lot.” – L.O.
  • “Great program! Will is such a great coach. Fun activities and my daughter learned some great skills.” – C.C.
  • “My son loves this program so much that he has asked to join every session for the last 2 years and he’s not much of an organized team sports boy at all. So glad they extended the age range!” – Jassy C.
  • “Coach Will is great with the kids, clearly experienced with coaching and knows the game. The kids love him and he makes it fun for them. My son always wants to go back.” – S.K.
  • “Great coach! My son has been enrolled twice now and can’t wait to rejoin. He is improving so much each time.” – K.D.
  • “Worth every penny. Has made a great impact on my son. We looking forward to register for more class from Prince basketball classes. It was a fun filled and training oriented class for 6 weeks. My Son love it.!!!” – A.O.
  • “Excellent. My sons loved coming. It was fun, engaging and they learned a lot. The coach knows how to teach children and keep them engaged. The parent vs kids was also a highlight. Please keep this program going.” – T.S.

Sportball’s Multi-Sport

  • “Sportsball for ages 6-8 was so much fun! The coaches are energetic and wonderful with the kids and the variety kept my son interested. We will be back for sure! Thanks.” – J.C.
  • “Great experience for my 3 year old, he was exposed to a few different sports and had a great time. The coaches are very pleasant and made it enjoyable for him. He is excited to sign up for another class!” – N.G.
  • “My son had a great time. And learned a lot! He was always excited to go.” – Anonymous
  • “It was an awesome program. My son really enjoyed all the sessions. The best part was he got to play different sports in each session.” – N.K.
  • “Our daughter had a lot of fun trying a variety of different sports. Having sport ball right in our community was so beneficial for us as a busy family always on the go. Sport ball is a wonderful program to introduce children to the fundamentals of sports from a very young age, while meeting other children their age and parents in your community. We highly recommend Sportball and checking out any of the other classes Auburn Bay has to offer! – Jillese L.
  • “My son loved it. It was a nice way for him to try a bunch of different sports. Nice entry into organized sports and not a huge commitment.” – T.M.
  • “Coach Stephanie, Mady & Cale were excellent coaches for my son’s first time playing sport ball. He had a blast, learned a lot & was very excited each week to attend! There is lots of fun activities to implement at home for him to practice and learn moving forward. It was also excellent as a parent to see what skills you can teach them at this young as I would have never thought of the tennis racket & bean bag to teach the basic skills for tennis! Thanks again & looking forward to joining another class in the future.” – T.P.
  • “My daughter really liked sportball. It was fast paced and kept her engaged.” – Anonymous
  • “Program was well organized and run, the kids always were excited to attend.” – J.S.
  • “It was an awesome program. My son really enjoyed all the sessions. The best part was he got to play different sports in each session.” – N.K.

Sportball’s T-Ball

  • “This program is perfect for kids who are just starting to learn the fundamentals of baseball.  The instructors are knowledgeable and make it so much fun for the kids! My son loves to go every week.” – L.P.
  • “Coaches had great enthusiasm and worked well with the kids! Would’ve like to have had a bit more focus on the actual sport (t-ball in this case) and less warm-up type drills.” – Anonymous
  • “I like the instructors and the kids have a lot of fun!” – Chantel C.
  • “Love the instructors, very engaging, fun and supportive!” – Anonymous
  • “Instructors were AMAZING at keeping the kids interested and engaged. Very impressed.” – Jessica A.

Yoga Flow with Teresa

  • “Teresa remains an outstanding yoga teacher! I’ve taken lessons from her throughout the last few years and her classes continue to be top-notch. Not only does Teresa possess a strong knowledge of yoga and physicality but she also fluidly modifies movements according to her clientele. I ALWAYS come out of her yoga sessions feeling rejuvenated, invigorated and centered. Her kind, encouraging and supportive manner also lends itself to the tranquility and inclusivity of our classes. I highly recommend Teresa and encourage yogis of all strengths and levels to come out and join our sessions! 5 Stars” – Leigh-Anne O.
  • “Teresa is always great.  She offers a good variety of poses each week to keep it interesting.  She’s definitely creates a class that is inline with the attendees abilities and then offers various modes the poses can be done to accommodate all levels.  Great beginner Yoga class or for someone who wants to do some moderate exercise.” – Shannon W.

Zumbini with Bogi

  • “Really enjoyed this class. instructor was engaging, welcoming, and accommodating. Actually did 2 sessions of this program in a row!” – N.S.
  • “Out of all the programs we have tried over the years, they love Zumbini the most.” – E.R.
  • “Excellent learning time to spend with little once! As kids love to repeat after each other new skills my daughter did great educational steps not mentioning that I had 45min break from distracting her!” – Viktoria K.