Auburn Bay Residents Association

What's the Difference Between an RA and a CA?

Residents Association (RA)

Simply put, a residents association puts neighborhoods into communities, while a community association puts the community into neighborhoods!

The Auburn Bay Residents Association (ABRA) is a not-for-profit company that is professionally managed and operated. The ABRA maintains community features, including the entryways and boulevards, the Auburn House facility, and the lake and park amenities. The ABRA also offers a wide variety of recreational and event programming. Membership in the ABRA is mandatory for residents. Fees are due annually on April 1st.

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Community Association (CA)

The Auburn Bay Community Association (ABCA) is a volunteer organization, which depends on sponsorship and fundraising to operate. The ABCA was established with support from the City of Calgary and now works with city officials to establish social policies as the political voice of the community. For example, the ABCA provides a voice for Auburn Bay residents when playground zone areas are required, speed zone reductions are requested, signage control issues arise, or other community safety issues occur. The ABCA is also involved in organized minor sports, such as soccer. Membership in the ABCA is voluntary. Members from several different communities may join the ABCA.



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