Safe Space Initiative

What is it?

The ABRA Safe space initiative is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment, while recognizing the diversity if our residents, guests, staff and community. Through ongoing education, awareness, and outreach, this initiative aims to build a framework for recognizing the rights of all individuals to mutual respect and acceptance of others, regardless of differences, and without biases. Our policies and conduct are signed to hold our residents, patrons and staff accountable to the values of this initiative.

This initiative is focused on fostering an inclusive safe space that promotes a sense of belonging in the community where individuals feel represented and dignified.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Please be aware that the Auburn Bay Residents Association has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination towards ABRA staff, contractors and other patrons due to their race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, gender identity, gender expression, physical disability, mental disability, age, ancestry, place of origin marital status, source of income, family stats, or sexual orientation of that person or that class of person. Individuals who partake in discriminatory behaviour are subject to disciplinary action as per the recommendation of the ABRA Board of Directors Disciplinary Committee.