Auburn Bay Residents Association

Community Maintenance

In addition to maintaining Auburn House, the Park and the Lake, the Auburn Bay Residents Association (ABRA) provides enhanced landscaping and maintenance in many areas within the community.

This enhanced maintenance and landscaping includes:

    • A contract with the City of Calgary to maintain certain community medians and boulevards throughout the community
    • Lake Access Ways
    • Entryways and Decorative Corners

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Community Landscaping Map

    • Green areas = City of Calgary or School Board responsibility
    • Blue areas = Homeowner responsibility
    • Yellow areas = ABRA responsibility

For questions or concerns regarding and landscape maintenance or snow removal please refer to the map and contact the appropriate organization maintaining the area:
Auburn Bay Residents Association (ABRA)(403) 537-2604
City of Calgary311

Other Questions and Concerns

For questions/concerns about:


Advertising signs (non-ABRA)
Animals in the lake facility
ABRA Maintenance (403-537-2604)
Animals in the community (wild)
Alberta Fish and Wildlife (403 297-6423)
Animals loose in the community (domestic)
“AUB” Parking Permits
Calgary Parking Authority
Condo parking permits
Your condo board
ABRA Maintenance (403-537-2604)
Garbage removal
Maintenance/cleaning in Auburn House
ABRA Maintenance (403-537-2604)
Mailbox keys
Canada Post (1-866-607-6301)
Roadkill removal